The beautiful Kempty Falls Mussoorie, are in the nature’s lap. 13 km from Mussoorie Kepmty fall Dehradun is about 1364 metres above sea level. To reach this destination you need to head towards hilly tracks of Uttarakand India. The northern India is blessed with many thrilling places located in the foot hills of the Himalayas.The Himalayas has the highest Peaks on earth. The highest peak of the world the mighty Everest also lies in the Himalayas. The Kempty Falls Mussoorie is a part of the terrain of Himalayas. The northern part of the state of uttarakhand is covered by Himalayan peaks and glaciers. Stream of water that flows in the Kempty Fall Dehradun has its origin somewhere in the majestic Himalayas.


Developed during the British rule in India by British officer John Mekinan the Kempty fall Dehradun has been an important attraction since 1835.

South west of village Banglow ki Kandi is the origin of the stream of water. From a height of 4500 ft the water falls. They are serene and picturesque in nature and get divided into 5 channels. The view from the rope way is amazing and covers 360 degree coverage for the tourist.

The land of Uttarakhand is historic in nature. It has historic evidence from the ancient and vedic period. Uttarakhand is sometimes referred to as Dev Bhumi (land of gods). The Hindu mythology has many a stories of the god’s arriving here.

Adjoining Beauty

The adjoining area and the nearby attractions of Dehradun and Kempty falls are worth a mention here. If you have planned a trip to Uttrakhand it is advised to see all the amazing and fulfilling natural destinations. To name a few would be Gun hill point, the Laal tibba, Bhatta falls, Robber’s cave, George Everest peak, etc. 15 km from Mussorie on the Chakrata road are located the Kempty falls.


Big Path

The Nature’s Big Bath is a natural pool like structure that is preferred by tourist for a natural open Bath. At the base of the Kempty falls Mussoorie is located the Big Bath. The view is completely one of its kinds. There are very few naturally made pools which are famous to take a bath and enjoy.

Pride of the kempty

 The Kempty Fall Dehradun is attractive in all sense. It has an average tourist inflow of 10 lakh and above. People from all over the country head towards Dehradun and Kempty is a must visit. Rest of the destinations listed above are always on the top charts. Kempty Fall Dehradun can be visited at all seasons. Rainy season might record more water levels. Winters are fairly cold and summers are fairly hot.

Dehradun, Nainital are some of the most famous and historical cities and towns in the cozy state of uttrakhand. Spread over an area of 53,483 km area the state of Uttrakhand has mixed mountainous and forest coverage. Dehradun is the nearest airport and railway station too. The supreme water fall is pride in itself. Mussoorie kempty fall is an important tourist destination of the state.