5 Enchanting Waterfalls of Uttrakhand

Uttrakhand is a land of temples and waterfalls. There are enchanting waterfalls that give you joy and happiness. You feel excited and want to take a dip in the soothing water which revitalizes your body. It is a magical feeling and takes you into another world. Uttrakhand is the only state in the country which has a plethora of waterfalls at every other kilometer.
So here are 5 waterfalls in Uttarakhand that you must visit once in your life

Kempty Falls Mussoorie 

Kempty Falls is a magnificent waterfall set in a beautiful landscape of Mussoorie. It is one of the best sightseeing places in Mussoorie. You will find people enjoying, hanging out in the cool water of Kempty Falls. It is a famous picnic spot for the majority of tourists. A British officer once in the 1830s established this place for hosting tea parties. Since then the place has held a special place in Mussoorie and entertains every tourist. You can listen to the invigorating sounds of the rushing water as it falls down from the height. The water is cool and very fresh. You would definitely like to take a dip on a warm sunny day. The Kempty Falls has a capacity to refresh your mood and revitalize your energy.

Vasudhara Falls

The waterfall is located near Badrinath and visited by many people every year. This waterfall drops from a height of 400 feet and is 122 meters above sea level. Like any other place, this waterfall has an anecdote associated with it. It is said that the water is as sweet as nectar and can be savored by only those who are free from any remorse and guilt.

Tiger Fall Chakrata

This waterfall is like those falls which are hidden and when you see them you get mesmerized by its beauty. This is located in Chakrata which 98 km away from the capital of Uttrakhand. You have to do 5 km trekking to reach there. This waterfall is one of the highest direct waterfall of India! Now you can imagine the intensity with which it must be falling and the sound it will make.

Corbett Falls

This waterfall is a famous picnic spot. It is located 3km away from the Kaladhungi. It got the name Corbett because of the proximity it has with the Jim Corbett Park. The most interesting part about the Corbett fall is that you can hear the gurgling sound of the fall compounded with the chirping of hundreds of Birds. The fall is very well looked after by the first authorities. It is near Kempty Falls and also one of the best Mussoorie sightseeing places. They have made sure that your time is spent well. You will find all the requisite like the camping spot, parking facility, and what not!

Birthi waterfalls

Birthi waterfall is located in the Munsiyari which is a popular spot for the adventurers. The name of the place refers to the ‘place with snow’. The place can be reached by Kalamuni pass.

So if you happen to visit Uttrakhand make sure that you visit these falls and also other Mussoorie sightseeing places.

kemfalls5 Enchanting Waterfalls of Uttrakhand